In-Quest Medical Research, LLC

A Dedicated Clinical Trial Research Site

Call Us:  770-903-0148

Our office is fully equipped to accommodate our study sponsors and participants.
Equipment & Diagnostic Services:

•• CLIA- certified Lab

•• Microscope

​•• Centrifuge

•• -20  freezer

​•• Large locked study drug storage area

•• ECG machines

•• Spirometry Cardiac monitors, Defibrillator, Emergency medications

•• IV Infusion capabilities

•• Monitor room equipped with computers, high speed internet, fax and copier

•• Recliner massage chairs for long PK blood collections

•• Cable Television/ DVR/ DVD/ electronic games

​Within 2 miles: Cardiac Stress Testing, Pulmonary Function Testing, Ultrasonography, Physical Therapy, Sleep Center/PSG'sX-Ray and
​CT Scan Machines

To visit our site, please call: 770-903-0148. 

Facility Description

Magnolia Plaza

The central location of our site to major highways and public transportation allows for easy access for our subject and sponsor visits.

The In-Quest Team has conducted many phase II-IV clinical research trials for over 35 pharmaceutical companies and contract research organizations.  

The research site adheres to Good Clinical Practice Principles and has Regulatory Quality Assurance personnel to ensure data integrity.

All Research Staff are required to take and maintain CITI GCP Training upon hire.